30 Day Flirting Challenge

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The 30 Day Flirting challenge online course consists of 5 learning modules:

Module 1 – Flirting Basics (4 videos)

Module 2 – Ground Rules (1 video)

Module 3 – Prep Work (3 video)

Module 4 – 30 fun flirting challenges (30 videos)

Module 5 – Mini challenges (10 videos)


* Get free access to a private community of like-minded peers to report on your experiences and get encouragement and support.

* E-mail updates with inspirational stories of women whose lives have changed after embracing their inner flirt


When you enroll in this amazing, confident boosting course you will have access to all modules all at once. However, we recommend starting from the top 3 modules in sequential order before moving on to the challenges.

Once you have done the necessary preparation work you should begin to undertake the 30 day challenges. You will be provided with all 30 challenges at once and can plan your month around which days a specific challenge will suit your schedule better.

It is possible to do the challenges at a slower pace and take longer than 30 days, but we recommend no less than 3 challenges per week.

Finally, if you want to push yourself even more check out the 10 mini challenges.

Report back on your results, lend support, ask questions, or even propose your own challenge for another member to match in the private group forum.

At the end of this challenge you will find yourself more naturally flirtatious, confident, comfortable around the opposite gender, and approachable. Prepare to meet, interact, and build relationships with more men than you probably could have ever imagined in a short period of time and never feel powerless, ignored, or stuck in catching men’s attention again.





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