Are You Girlfriend Material?

Get the Love and Commitment You Really Seek

Ever wonder why certain women consistently attract quality boyfriends? What makes them so special? And why are you forever single despite having as much, if not more, to offer?


Stop scratching your head, asking “Why not me?” The secret to landing men is convincing them you’re girlfriend material, and for some reason, you’re just not doing that.

The good news is there’s hope. Anyone can become girlfriend material with the proper insight. It’s time to open your eyes to exactly what men look for in a girlfriend, and how you’re misrepresenting and sabotaging yourself.

By the end of this book you’ll be able to:

    1. Clearly communicate high value so he’ll eagerly swoop you off the market
    2. Crush first impressions or change a guy’s minor opinion of you
    3. Exude a playful, exciting, and cool personality that make men salivate
    4. Identify unappealing traits and thoughts, and squash them before they squash you
    5. Stop getting used for sex, friend zoned, or strung along for a ride


If you’re finally ready to leave the single life behind and light a fire under the man you want to give you the title you deserve, let’s begin!