Friends With Benefits Rulebook

“The Friends with Benefits Rulebook is the 140-page playbook I wish existed in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s!”
“The rules for friends with benefits never seemed so easy”
“A relationship book that should be required reading for both genders”

If you’ve ever considered whether a friends with benefits relationship might be right for you (male or female), or you’re in one right now and need help turning things around, consider this book your bible.

Being friends with benefits isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Just as with everything else, there are unspoken rules that you are magically expected to know. Slip up and violate any one of them, and you might find yourself heartbroken or back on the prowl.

It’s crazy that no one has ever taken the time to compile all the rules. If you knew better you would do better, right?

Well, now everything you ever wanted to know about how to navigate a friends with benefits relationship in the most drama and pain-free way possible exists. Ignore this advice at your own peril.

The Friends with Benefits Rulebook will help you learn:
* Whether or not you’re cut out for no strings attached sex
* How to find and recruit the perfect friend with benefits
* All the rules to live by to make the agreement go smoothly
* How to end your agreement on good terms
* How to turn a friend with benefits into a real committed relationship
* and other real life issues that other dating advice books won’t dare discuss!

The Friends with Benefits Rulebook has been hailed the ultimate must-read dating guide for women and men of all ages.

This book will make you laugh, leave you feeling empowered, and enable you to have fun with your friends with benefits without heartbreak, guaranteed!