Wear The Pussy

Who wears the pants in your relationship? If it’s your boyfriend or husband, there’s no need to blink twice—help has arrived.
Ladies, if you want a happy and lasting relationship your man shouldn’t even think about wearing the pants, and neither should you.

Am I proposing no one hold the power? Absolutely, not! Every couple needs a leader. However, if you’re tired of being in rocky relationships with men who don’t meet your needs and always have the upper hand, you need to learn how to wear the pussy!

Wearing the pussy in your relationship doesn’t just mean using what you’ve got (and what men desperately want) to get your way. It means getting men to value and respect your opinions, needs, desires, and emotions—without acting like the ‘man’ or emasculating your partner.

Wear the Pussy in your Relationship will teach you how to tap into and use your unique feminine powers, above and below the waist, to grab the wheel and steer your relationship on a stable road to happiness. Men may still rule the world, but women are the axis they revolve around. Learn how to keep them in check today!

Buy this book today for only $8.49 and finally learn how to retrain your man, lead so your man will have no trouble following, and get what you really want, all without feeling masculine, manipulating, playing games, and driving your man away. The power of the pussy is real!